About Eckhardt Optics

Eckhardt Optics LLC specializes in optical design and manufacturing of small to mid-volume products. We work best when quantities are between one and 10,000 units per month. If you need more lenses than that, we can refer you to several high volume suppliers.  Our preference is to stay in the realm of commercial optics where cost is critical and paperwork is minimal. If an especially interesting consulting job comes along, we have a hard time saying no, especially if there is a product opportunity. Within these boundaries, we design and produce custom lenses, illumination systems and optical instruments. Our customers use them for applications such as inspection, projection, illumination, manufacturing, BSDF measurement and technical photography.

If you need a competitive edge through superior optical engineering, Eckhardt Optics is the right place for you. In addition to providing assistance in specifying, designing and manufacturing optics, we can assist you in the production process by designing or specifying production test equipment.  Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us an enviable reputation. Check out our testimonials and completed projects for examples of how we can help you.

We at Eckhardt Optics would love to become your ODM partner for optics.  You may contact us using the web form or call us at (651)315-8249 for a 15-minute consultation on your project.

If you are an old hand at optics and just want to reminisce, please visit our page for reminisces.