Our optical engineering staff is not large, but it is talented.  We expect to add staff in mechanical design and quality assurance over the next few years.

Optical Engineering Staff - Steve EckhardtSteve Eckhardt, President
  • 30 years of experience in optical engineering
  • PhD in Optics from University of Arizona
  • Experience designing single element lenses to multi-element zoom lenses, in wavelengths from the deep UV to the thermal IR.
  • Applications including Inspection, wide angleand panoramic photography, augmented reality, 3D printing, projection and laser marking.
  • Test instruments for retroreflectivity, polarization, high illuminance weathering (life testing), robotic assembly, etc.
  • Illumination systems for projectors and stage lighting
  • 22 issued patents and more pending
  • Read some of his reminisces.
Optical Engineering Staff - Andrew EckhardtAndrew Eckhardt, Marketer
  • Three years experience in marketing
  • Two years experience with lens assembly and troubleshooting

Not shown are the many part-time and contract employees without whose contributions this company could not exist. They do tasks such as optical design, mechanical design, electronics design, programming, marketing and system testing.

  • Optical Engineer: Dave Stotzmann
  • Electronics Engineer: James Kennedy, Jason Wagar
  • Mechanical Designers: Bill Haushalter
  • Technicians: Josiah Smith

Their contributions are greatly appreciated.

Career Opportunities

Please check our careers page for more information on joining our team.