Dallmeyer 3B Preorder Information

The above image is a CAD rendering of the Dallmeyer 3B reproduction for which we took preorders. Please refer to this page for more detailed information on the lens.

Preorders closed 4/7/17. We are assuredly going to manufacture the lenses, with an expected shipping date of late June 2017.

The cost of the reproduction depended on the volume we sold. Having reached a volume above 50, the cost will be $995. We were confident we could generate enough interest to receive at least 50 preorders, and you helped us get there. An enormous thank you to everyone who has shown their support.

The preorder charge was $500, with the remainder of the cost due when the lens is complete and ready to ship. We expect the lens will take 11 weeks to manufacture. Since preordering closed on April 7th, our goal is to ship the lenses during the last week of June.

International Orders: The buyer will be responsible for all shipping, insurance, taxes and duties.

Refer to this page for more information regarding the lens. If you have questions, please contact us.


We are also offered the option of purchasing additional flanges for a charge of $25 each. This flange is not compatible with the original Dallmeyer 3B, just our reproduction.