Excellent Optical Engineering

Eckhardt Optics LLC is your ODM (optical design and manufacturing) partner for optics. If you are designing a product that incorporates optics, we can help you optimize the design for cost and performance. Our global sourcing and rigid quality control provides optics and related metal and plastic parts that will make your product a success. Customers are using our lenses for applications as varied as industrial inspection, UV curing, 3D printing and photography. Eckhardt Optics LLC can take you from prototypes in as little as four weeks to production in twelve.

Custom Lenses

Optical InstrumentsConsultants can give you a design that performs well on paper, but you need hardware to achieve results. You can benefit from our experience with one-off products and production volumes in the tens of thousands, wavelengths from the UV to the thermal IR, and sizes from millimeters to meters. Our high quality glass and plastic optics are sourced domestically and in China, with prototypes (lenses and the associated mechanical parts) available in as little as a month. As your ODM partner, we use CodeV and Zemax for lens design, and TracePro is our tool of choice for designing and analyzing illumination systems. We are ready to provide design, prototypes and volume production of optics. For more information, visit our Optical Design and Manufacturing page. Call us at (651)315-8249 or use our contact us form when you’re ready for action.


Optical Design and ManufacturingWe also create optical instruments for inspection or testing of optical properties such as scattering, retroreflectance and polarization. Most of our instruments are designed and built to specification, but we are building up a stock of conoscopic lenses and scatterometers that are available for purchase. If you need an instrument to measure optical properties, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at (651)315-8249 or use our contact us form so we can make your instrument real.

Historical Reproduction

Darlot and Dalmeyer 3B LensesStarting with a Dalmeyer 3B portrait lens, we’ve begun to recreate historical lenses. Perhaps you practice large format or wet collodion photography and need a lens. Each lens we recreate is made using exacting measurements taken directly from an original so that the reproduction replicates its precise performance. Let us know if you’d like to purchase a Dallmeyer 3B reproduction when they are completed, or if there’s another lens you’d like to see us reproduce. Use our contact form, or call us at (651)315-8249.