Scatterometer Software

Congratulations on your purchase of an Eckhardt Optics scatterometer!  Now that you have the hardware, you’ll need to download the latest software and manuals.  These are all located on this page.  Just click on a link to download the file.

Scatterometer Operating Instructions

Scatterometer Setup Instructions

Scatterometer Operating Procedure

Camera Driver

We primarily use Point Grey cameras.  You will need to download their driver software, which comes with free viewer software.  Here’s the procedure:

  1. Open this link, which will open the Point Grey website in a new tab.  You may need to register.
  2. On the “File Downloads” page, choose your Product Family, either “Blackfly (FlyCapture)” or “Grasshopper3”.  (It doesn’t really matter which.)
  3. Leave the “Camera Models” set to “All Models”.
  4. Choose your operating system.
  5. Click on the “Software” link.
  6. Click on the latest FlyCapture Viewer to download it.  (You are welcome to read the Release Notes, but that’s optional, and you don’t need the full SDK unless you want to create your own software.)
  7. After downloading the software, install it in the usual way.

The Scatterometer Software

You are now ready to download and install our scatterometer operating software.  It has been tested on Windows 7 and 10.  Just click the link below to download it and follow the normal procedure for software installation.

Scatterometer Software (12 MB)